Sebastien Millon



Sebastien Millon is an artist.

Sebastien's work is noted for its lack of vision and his art is usually muddled in a turbid stew of crockery. 

Many artists, art critics, and frankly most of the public views his work with great disdain and disrespects everything he is about (no one actually even knows what he is about, including the artist himself). 

Sebastien Millon's work lacks truth, vision, and sadly, any artistic integrity. 

Critical Praise of Sebastien Millon:

"Fuck Sebastien Millon. He is a little bitch."

"I like his work. But not as much as I like drinking."
-Drunky Bear


“There is intellectual gravitas undergirded by sophisticated philosophical constructs, and cross-generational vision that is completely missing from the work. I respect that.” -Ducky